Why not at home first?

Men are portrayed as leaders outside the home. Why not at home first?

The boys and I just did a news interview for a Swedish TV station.

This just showed me how small of a world we live in, and how we are all a part of the same world.  We are all products of past generations, along with our environment today. Things are always changing and growing. Should we get stuck doing things the same as past generations?

There are things that are broken today, that are in need of fixing all around the world (a lot of things).  It may or may not be the past generations fault, they may not have known any better – I don’t blame them. I will blame our generation if we don’t do something to help fix the things we can.

Fatherhood has changed everything about me. Family is more important to me than anything. I have changed into a teacher for my boys first and foremost. I need to teach them what is important and what is not.  Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is not!

My sons will learn more from my actions than my words. With all my might, I hope to portray for them all that is good and right, so they will learn what they need to live happy and fulfilling lives. To be the best that they can be on the road they chose or on the road that may chose them.

I want to teach my kids values, to be logical, to think for themselves, be a leader for tomorrow, to be independent while being a positive contributor to our world community.

We, the people in the world today, together have a lot of work to do. Our world is changing, information and communication is faster than ever before in history. It can not be about race, color,  religion or political affiliation. It has to be about the brotherhood of man, no matter what part of the world you live in, we all are in this together.

I have chosen to take a step back, start at home, with my boys first. In hopes that tomorrow will be a happy place for them and all of our future generations.