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The L.A. Dads Group “settle the score” with Battroborg

On 14, Sep 2013 | In in other news -, Parenting, SAHD | By trevor

It all started in New York, moved to Chicago and then Thursday night (9/12) it landed in LA! (Just to get it out there early, LA was the only city to have “groupies” show up!)
I want to go back a little before I get into what happened Thursday night.

I have been a part of a few dad groups.  The main one was a west side stay at home dad group here in LA.  Not too long ago, I was approached by Lance Somerfeld and Matt Schneider from the NY Dads Group on, they had a problem of having sponsors looking to expand to other dad groups in other cities.  It must be rough, having sponsors wanting to do things for and with your group.  So Lance and Matt found me through the network of dads on-line and asked if I would like to help co-organize an LA Dads Group.  Yes! It sounded great, with only one problem I could see.  LA is spread out wide without the same transportation options as they do in NY.  So it is not as easy for us to jump on a subway and meet up with everyone as they do in NY.

The solution: We’ll have an organizer in different areas around LA, so we have events happening all around LA.  So depending on where people live they can pick and choose which events they would like to attend, based on their interest and location. AWESOME! Now,  I am the organizer for the “West Side”, that being Santa Monica, Venice and Culver City area. We have Zach Rosenberg from 8-bit dad, as the organizer for the Valley and Johnny Chung (a previous member of the NY Dads Group) as the organizer for the Anaheim area.

We are slowly building the LA Dads Group!  We have had meet ups at The California Science Center and Disneyland already, with future plans at beaches and parks all around LA!  We may be a small group of dads now, we are growing, and we will make it a success!

Now on to the main event:

Last Thursday night (9/12), we had our first sponsored event! Our sponsor, TOMY International is a leading global toy manufacturer. And what did they provided us?  Picture this scene: a dozen dads hanging out on comfortable couches inside a tricked out, 60 foot GameTruck equipped with flat-screen TV’s, video game systems, numerous video games, and pizza. Plus, the opportunity to “settle the score” with each other as we battle it out in the center ring with Battroborg!- what is Battroborg?

Battroborg is taking motion-controlled battling to a whole new level, an incredible line of battling robots.

Battroborg is the first battling micro robot brand of its kind, leveraging advanced motion-control technology in combination with perennially popular robot and combat action.

Battroborg takes players center ring, with two-handed motion-controlled nun chucks that let opponents dictate the robot’s every move with their jabs. The high-performance Borgs register every hit and indicate when the ultimate battling champion has succeeded.

Hitting retail shelves in fall 2013 (they are available check your local retailers), Battroborg is poised to be the knock-out holiday gift of the year. Perfect for one-on-one competitions or large Battle Royals of up to 10 robots in the 3-in-1 Battle Arena. Whether you’re a brawler, a glass jaw or a southpaw, Battroborg promises pure excitement, ultimate battling action and knock-out fun!

The “Settle the Score” event happened in NY, you can see some of the action here: NY Dads video, then they had an event in Chicago.  We all know they saved the best for last!

The “Settle the Score” was on in LA!  An excellent evening as we imagined, video games, robot battles, trash talk, cheerleaders and Battroborg. The group of dads was awesome and including Zach Rosenberg of 8BitDad, Whit Honea of Honea Express, Shaka Armstrong and a surprise visit from Jay Sokol from and many other dads.

It was a crazy fun night of hanging with other dads.  The fists were furiously being thrown, the sweat dripping off the brows.  It was so crazy, we couldn’t just have single battles, and the battle tables weren’t big enough.  So we flipped a side table over and put all the robot together to make it one big battle, winner takes all!  It was more than epic, it was all being laid out at once, it was all about endurance.


//cue cineamatic music
Who could with-stand it the longest?

{POV: overlooking a battle field of robots on their backs motionless}

I am not sure if there was one winner out of all the battling going on, it is all a blur to me know. I can say one thing for sure. We all got to settle the score. Our own score. In our own way, on the Battroborg battle field!  For that we are all better dads,
//end music
um ok I am not sure if we are better dads from this particular event, but it was a great battle, a great night and I look forward to one day having the opportunity to battle them again!

I would like to thank our sponsor, TOMY International, we all had a great time and we appreciate letting us experience the the knock-out holiday gift of the year, Battroborg!  You know it’s a good solid product when grown men are beating it up and nothing breaks!

I also want to say thanks to Lance Somerfeld, Matt Schneider and the NY Dads Group, for being great example for all dads.  Dads can have a good time and make a difference. Thanks for sharing the love and helping us get the LA Dads group going. Cheers!

Now to keep the trash talking going. What’s up NY and Chicago?
We had our “groupies”! What happened to yours?

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  1. Looks like it was a great time. While there were no groupies at the Chicago Battle, it still was a great time.

  2. Victor,
    I am glad to hear Chicago was a good time! I know the guys in NY had a good time also, and when it comes down to it, that is what is the most important!
    Cheers to you and all the other awesome dads involved in these Dads groups!