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I wonder what they really think


I am getting used to people looking at me as I walk around with the M&M boys.  That is what I call my two boys, Miles and Mason. 

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feeling blue

so the hospital story of the day

when Jenn and I first arrived at the hospital we had to wait for a room so we waited for about a half hour in the waiting room. There we meet a guy who was waiting for his daughter to arrive, they were having complications so it was taking a long time for his wife.

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naked and pregnant

so the other night I was working late on the computer, while Jenn and Miles were fast asleep.
the door bell rang (and our dog Guido was no help, asleep with mom in our bed!). we have a window that we can look through to see who is there, so I peeked through the blinds and saw a guy standing there looking confused. this is unusual, we have lived here for a year and half with no one ever coming to the door so late.  So I open the door slightly and whispered “yes?”.

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