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is a simple funny report of how the Mulligan family is doing today


…and the weather report today:

ouch… Miles cries out “bee sting me, bee sting me”. bam into action, swoop him up over my shoulder and fly into the house, grab the tweezers, a little cup with a bit of water and some baking soda –  fling him down on the bed and go to work. he had stopped crying, I think more out of shock of how fast I moved than anything else. then he looked me in the eyes and said “go outside”, and pointed to the door, he wanted to go back outside – well at least he is not allergic


a shit storm hit

…and the weather report today:
a shit storm hit in the bouncer – the worst blow out ever seen on this front (or back, or down the legs). Shit literally everywhere! On the positive side, Mason must feel much better, and the bouncer will be getting a much needed deep clean today…