Cool Force

Over the last few years I have become more and more aware of how important it is to be wearing comfortable. The non-stop action of chasing my two boys around makes it imperative that I wear clothes that allow me to move without limits.

I was asked recently if I wanted to try out  some new athletic underwear from Russell and be a part of #RussellDadlete, a letter campaign. I absolutely love their campaign and the cards they made are perfect!  At first I was thinking these would be great for my next obstacle course race. After thinking a bit longer, I was interested in using them on a regular ordinary day to see if I noticed a difference.


Did I notice a difference? Woah did I! I wore them a few more times to make sure it wasn’t a “one time” experience. I will say it wasn’t.

These underwear gave me great support and never bunched or chafed at all. It blew me away how cool and dry they actually kept me. And the fabric was so smooth that when I walked, it was like I was gliding. Now at least it will be enjoyable running after my boys!

After wearing these Russell…, I am now going to be forever spoiled.
The only negative thing I could say about wearing these underwear is that they give me that little muffin top bulge around my waist. The waist is tight, which it needs to be, and I am not sure any sports underwear could prevent that but I do like how wide the waistband is!

Other key points:
  • Chemical-Free fibers engineered for advanced cooling to wick moisture from the body
  • Anti-odor inhibits odor
  • Stretch fabric moves with you for freedom of movement and flexibility
  • Soft seams provide extra comfort
  • Tag free, plush soft wider performance waistband

Want a pair of your own? Check it out here

This is a sponsored post, I received a 2 pack of Russell’s Cool Force in exchange for doing this review. This is an honest review.