Do you speak Swedish?

So being a stay at home dad (sahd) is a hot topic around the world!  I had joined the West Side SAHD group on, early on in my “at home” career.  Since being in that group, there have been quite a few people looking to do stories about us.  They want to know all the details.

One day, I was contacted by a gentleman named Hogan Hilling from (National At-Home Dad Network), at home dad  which is an active at-home dads network that is active in over 50 cities.  It is a cool organization that helps the stay at home dads to connect with each other and thrive in today’s world.

Hogan said he had been contacted by a news station from Sweden.  They were going to be here for the elections and wanted to do a side story about sahds.  Sounds cool, I have no problem with that, what can I do to help?  Well after talking with Hogan and the Swedish news team, we got together one day.  I was a cool experience.

Calle Bäfving, Anders Kraft and Hogan Hilling

The news caster, Anders Kraft from TV4 in Sweden, arrived at my house early in the morning with his camera man, Calle Bäfving.  They did quite a bit of shooting with us.  Everything from feeding my youngest son, to playing with both my boys in our playroom and backyard.  After a few hours we headed out to a park and met up with another sahd, Tomas Romero, and his daughter.

It was fun and exciting! I am happy to say that both of my boys did amazingly well with taking direction and being comfortable in front of the camera.  They took a lot of footage and even thought this piece was only 2 minutes. I was told that at times they will come back to the piece and if it is good, and may do a longer version – well I have the 2 minute version below. We will have to wait to see if they ever use the rest of the footage.

Here is it, I have no idea what they are saying – do you speak Swedish?


Swedish Interview


It should work in all browsers, some are better than others – I think Chrome is the best, but it is also the largest format!