iPhone photo editors

I feel like this is magic and I am giving away the secret! Penn and Teller would be so disappointed with me. I was asked today what program(s) I use to edit images on my iPhone, so here is my list of apps.

I have said this before, but I am going I say it again, I really do not feel like I am a writer. I have been behind on blogging for at least a few months now. I do have a list of articles I want to write and will get to it….eventually – I have a busy schedule, and the blog seems to come last. It is just not as easy to write during the day as I chase my boys around.

In my former life I used Photoshop daily. Now, I find I spend a lot of any free time I get editing photos on my phone (no time to sit in front of the computer)! I do enjoy it more, so I end up doing a lot of photos instead of blogging. Can I make up a new word for that? Pictoblog? Naw, never mind that is just dumb – I know it’s called Instagram!

Anyway, I have spent quite a bit of time and money going through different apps for my iPhone. I have what I feel are my top favorites for image editing so I have stopped my search (for now).
Below is the list and the order I use them in (sometimes I will go backwards and re-use a program to make sure I get the effect I want).

FX Photo Studio, by Macphun LLC: ($0.99)

Color splash! You can paint color on or wash it away. I also love the fact that you can paint on the effects you add, basically adding an effect only where you want it! Those are two reasons I love this program. You also can add text, the downfall on this is that there are I only a few “template layout styles” but it is cool.


BeFunky, by BeFunky: ($0.00 – I use free version, pro version is $1.99)

This program is awesome for effects! It does have some quick adjustments I like, such as “beautify”. The best feature besides being able to stack effects on top of each other and go backwards to undo them, is that you can adjust/control how much of the effect it applies. It really is bad ass! (@befunky)

Fotor – Photo Effect Studio, by Chungdu Everimaging Science Co., Ltd: ($0.00 – free)

Fotor has all the general effects and borders you can find in other programs. It is a clean layout and easy to use. The main reason I use this is for the “Tilt Shift” option. This allows you to play with the depth of field – either circular or linear. So you can direct the focus on any image. My wife likes it except when I over do it like this,

(text made using FX Photo Studio)
she says it makes her feel claustrophobic.
You can adjust the amount and I like it so it made the list for that one option.

The last and final program is the one that gets me off the most! I only found this program a week ago and I have used it everyday since! I have a few things I would like to add or change, but in the time I have had it they did an update and fixed two things on my list! (now my list is very picky – and I have high expectations for this program, but it can only get better!) This is the Photoshop of apps but it may not be for everyone! Read their disclaimer and know that this is not a simple push of a button to make it work! It takes time! So without further ado here it is:

Photolayers for iPhone, by handyCloset Inc.: ($0.99 – best dollar I have ever spent!)

Typography, Layering, Shadows, Erasing, Feathering! That is all the good stuff.
The biggest gripe I have is that the largest image I can do on the iPhone is 640 x 1136 – ok I can deal with that.
I am still learning some features and functions! This program is what allows me to do what I do with image editing!


Now you know my secrets, and you can get it all for all for $3.97!
Let me know what programs you use, I hope you enjoy!