Guys and dolls

I found this doll yesterday, I thought it looked creepy so I had to keep it!

I have always been drawn to the weird. I love a good frightening horror movie or waking up from a eerie nightmare. I brought this doll home thinking I might have some fun with it taking photos.  I wasn’t thinking about if my boys would like it or not (I know how selfish). Well my boys love it!

We have not ever had a doll like this one, not because my wife and I are against our boys from having or playing with dolls. We actually want them to. We had gotten Miles a doll (he named Peter) before Mason join us to help him understand. They still play with Peter to this day, so that is good.

This doll is a bit different, with the crazy hair a missing eyelash. Miles immediately picked the doll up and was excitedly playing with it.

“Look the arms go all the way around!” he told us

My wife and I looked at each other and broke down laughing.  I think he might be drawn to the same kind of “creepiness” I am, lol.
Mason loves the doll also, he will walk around with her under his arm as happy as one can be. It is also a great educational tool. He will point and say “eyes”, “mouth” and ‘butt”.

For me I am going to have a lot of fun with the doll as well. I already have big plans to using it to do some disturbing pictures. What? I think it will be fun, something like this…


I would have never guessed that my boys and I sit around playing with dolls.
It’s just some guys and dolls at our house during the day, and I am totally fine with it!