“…I am your father!”

The other night, Jenn’s was out to dinner with friends, I was running solo. I was also eagerly waiting for a package to be delivered.

Normally, I can’t hear anyone knocking on our front door but amazingly I heard this soft knock. It’s 7pm but I know who it is! I quietly answered the door as to not disrupt my boys playing in their bedroom. The happiest delivery man I have ever seen looked at me then read my name off the box in form a question. “Yes indeed” I answered, then he proceeded to hand me a box. Immediately I knew!

Amazingly, both boys were still distracting each other. I crouched down in a dark corner of our house open the box to see this!
(Cue Star Wars™ music)


It was dark so this is a bad picture!

They have arrived! The misery of having to wait to fully open them was terrible, but I had no choice! If I opened them right away it would have gotten the attention of my boys. It’s their bedtime and if they saw these it would cause the boys to go wild again, getting them to bed would only take longer. I slowly slide the box under my desk – just from that peek inside, I could tell the force was strong with these shoes!

Star Wars super fans check out this exclusive! Introducing the limited edition, Star Wars adult shoe from Stride Rite. The “Luke, I am Your Father” is the grown-up sneaker from our Daddy-and-me collection. (Not sure if you know this or not but Stride Rite doesn’t make adult shoes – so this is pretty special!) It matches the Retro Skywalker sneaker available in baby and preschool sizes, and features none other than Darth Vader. SO COOL!

When I finally got to break them open, I was not disappointed. Pulling the shoes out of their box, I was kind of surprised how light they are. I do love the “new shoe” smell – very similar to that “new car” smell. I take a big whiff for I know once these get are put on our feet, that smell will be gone fast!


We go through a lot of shoes, reasons vary from my boys running around all the time to them just growing too fast. These are high quality so I know they will last for a while. One thing Stride Rite did that I like was put a strip of velcro on the tongue of the kids shoes. This helps in a couple of different ways, it obviously helps keep the tongue up and in place, but I have noticed that my three year old has difficulty with the tongue on other shoes and this shows him if he has it lined up or not.


I think the design on these shoes is great, I like that the laces say Star Wars on the adult shoes as well. My son loves having matching shoes. We both love the treads and are now always looking for the dirt to walk through to leave our Star Wars trail!


Here are additional details about the adult shoes:

  • Limited edition Star Wars™ sneaker
  • Available exclusively at striderite.com
  • Leather and mesh upper
  • Lace-up closure
  • Lightweight outer sole for maximum flexibility
  • Imported

The Retro Skywalker features a graphic of Luke on the side and a hook-and-loop strap, so you can get these on kids feet fast and be ready to defend the galaxy.

  • Leather and mesh upper
  • Easy alternative closure with hook and loop
  • Lightweight outer sole for maximum flexibility

Get your Star Wars™ Luke, I am Your Father today before they are gone, I don’t think these will be a part of any sequels! I am a officially a fan of Stride Rite shoes!

Disclaimer: Thanks to Stride Rite for provided me the shoes for this review and for more importantly, finally bring dads and kids together with some awesome shoes. My views and opinions are my own.