It happened so fast!

I can’t wait to see the whole show!

A few weeks ago, I had a friend on one of my Facebook boards, introduce me to a gentleman named Jim Higley. Jim is from Chicago and is an amazing man – check out his web site

To make a long story short, he invited me to go on a show called “Home and Family” that is on the Hallmark channel.

The topic was stay at home dads.

I was thrilled and honored, since I have only been a stay at home dad for three years.  I was sure he could have found other dads.  Although he informed me that Whit Honea was going to be joining us.  That is awesome!  I have known Whit for a while now and he is also a great guy – check out his site –
The run down was that Jim was the near “retirery”,  Whit was a veteran and I was the “rookie”!
Scheduled to do a sit down round table with Mark Steins and Cristina Ferrare.

You don’t have to ask me twice!

The Home and Family show w/ @jimhigley @whithonea @danbucatinsky talking SAHDs w/ @MarkSteines & @CristinaCooks

They have a clip of it you can check out:

I just wanted to say thanks to not only  to Jim, Whit, Mark and Cristina, but everyone that help make it possible!  It was really fun, and I had a great time! I am thankful and honored to have been able to do this with some really cool people!  It also is nice for me to know that I am not the only one in the stay at home realm and that there is life after!