learning to teach

so I am teaching my 2yo how to ride a bike and skateboard. it maybe a bit early, but he is “getting” the concept. he will get on his bike and peddle. he likes to lay on the skateboard (the one with wheels still on) and push himself around.

we have a skateboard deck in his bedroom (does not have wheels). this is the board I get him to practice his balance. it is really cool to see him balance on it – and in my mind it is teaching him to snowboard too – bonus! he does use it at various time, you know when I am not trying to teach him.

sometime we all need visual samples to help us learn. I know that helps me, so I decided to teach the T-Rex to ride also. Here is the play by play.


it is all going well the T-Rex really seems to be learning fast!


the T-Rex is just showing off now the ollie over the bongo was off the hook!!!


I have never seen anyone pick up skateboarding so fast!! the grind along the window blew me away!


the T-Rex has some crazy vertical skills to be able to get up on toys like that!


now wait a minute – that is just plain showing off, jumping over the cow like that – he is going to land right on his face!


holy shit he landed it! unbelievable! I must be the best teacher in the world!

I turn to my son and said your turn! he turns and runs screaming out of the room. that’s fine I will work with the T-Rex some more and teach my son tomorrow cause, I am such a great teacher. I am sure he will go pro by the time he is three.

or not.

probably not.

I enjoy living in my own imagination. the lesson I learned (which I end up learning over and over and over). I can not always force him to learn when I want him to learn, but he is learning!