Midnight can sneak up on us all!

There are some things my wife and I really didn’t expect we would do, like having a lot of pink, playing with dolls and watching our oldest preforming an interpretive dance routine.

This isn’t about about how we “genderize” our kids today, but I suppose it is in there somewhere. This is not a “review” of Cinderella but more of our experience.
LA Dads group was invited by IMAX to see an advanced screening of Disney’s new Cinderella. We went to IMAX’s headquarters where their theater seating is smaller and more intimate. They had two showings to accommodate about 30 of our dads and their other guests. It was quite an experience!


My four year old son had never seen the cartoon movie, but he was excited about going to see a Disney movie regardless. He was super impressed by the size of the screen (obviously it is the largest he has ever seen!). He sat through the opening Frozen Fever with wide eyed enjoyment. When that was done I told him that’s it – he bounced up and was satisfied, then I told him I was joking and that we still have a full movie to watch to which he yelled out “YAY!”.

Miles will always asks questions during the movie (he is 4)!
“Why is the mom so mean?” he asked.
“I think to show how not to act. Ella’s mom asked her to be ‘Have courage, and be kind.’, so were the mother and daughters courageous and kind?” I asked
“No way, they were mean!” he replied.
“Did they have good things happen to them?”
“Well then, do you think they showed good examples of how to act and how not to act?”
If that is all he takes away from the movie, awesome!

As a quick side note. I am very happy that the way they portrayed fathers in the film. The fathers, Cinderella’s and the Prince’s, were loving and raised their children to be equally kind and respectful. What a wonderful message, and it was so refreshing to see a film depict a loving relationship between a child and her parents.

IMAX put on a wonderful event including a reception in between the 2 showings. There was an amazing catering menu that consisted of an assortment of kid and adult friendly finger sandwiches and mini hot dogs in pastry puffs, fresh fruit, mini cupcakes and assorted cookies, water, lemonade, ice tea and sparkling punch – it was like we were at the ball! They had facing painting and other fun activities for the kids to take part in, such as decorating their own crown! It really was a fun event for the whole family! A big thank you to IMAX for letting us share in the magic and excitement of it all.  It all went by so fast;  just as fast as midnight comes on a night you never want to end!


NOTE: This was a sponsored event that I and our City Dads Group members attended for free. This opinions expressed here are solely mine