My three year old and money

My wife and I have a small clear plastic container use as a piggy bank.

One day on a walk, we found a small plastic water jug.  The jug became Miles’ piggy bank.
Anytime he finds coins, he wants to put it in his piggy bank.

Piggy Banks


I think both my wife and I were pretty happy about him learning to save money. He is only three, but it is a start, he still has no idea what “money” is.

The other day he wanted green ice cream. I told him I didn’t have any money so we couldn’t get any ice cream. He immediately chimed in


“I have money in my piggy bank!”

“yes, you do! So how much money do you think you need to buy ice cream?” I replied

He very confidently said “two monies!”


Well then, we went to the piggy banks to get “two” monies, so he could buy the green ice cream he wanted.

I handed him his piggy bank from the top shelf. He looked at his, with just a few coins, mainly pennies. Then looked up at my piggy bank and handed me his while point up at mine and saying


“I want to use the money from your piggy bank, cause yours has more!”
What am I supposed to say to that?


I have him two pennies from my piggy bank that delighted him to no end.  We went to the store and bought himself the green ice cream he wanted, with the two pennies from my piggy bank.

My son is three and he thinks it better to spend my money cause I have more.
My wife and I are in trouble for the next fifteen years!  I want to teach both of my sons about being financially responsible. I now know it is never too early to start!