a moment

I think it’s important to make sure we remember the little awesome moments, here is one.

A while back, a friend Don Jackson a fellow blogger at Daddy Newbie asked
“What did your child do in the last week that made you smile?”

My response was something like this:

I was putting Mason, my youngest down for a nap. I left Miles, my oldest, playing in the playroom. After about 10 minutes, I heard Miles in the kitchen. All I could think was he was going to make a huge mess trying to make himself food or something.  I pictured a bowl hidden under a mound of cereal, with milk splashed everywhere in the middle of the floor.
After about another 10 minutes, my imagination now running wild with all kinds of crazy thoughts of what could possibly be happening with all the noise I heard Miles making.  With Mason finally asleep,  I quietly went to the kitchen.  I peeked around the corner and saw Miles pulling the dishes out of the sink (which are dirty), using a towel to dry them them, then putting them away in the cabinet. First of all, they do not belong there, but to him everything goes in that one cabinet.

I asked him what he was doing, he said he was drying the clean dishes and putting them away!
It was an awesome moment! I was smiling ear to ear and look at my son who is only three years old. I thought to myself, “Well so far we are doing a pretty good job.  He is awesome!”

Thanks Don for helping me to stop, remember and appreciate the little moments!