I won entry to the 18th annual At-Home Dads convention in Oct! I am super excited!

Except, as I am sure many of you know, I am a SAHD (obviously).  What does that mean?

Well, money is tight for us, we are making sacrifices to do what we do.  I am fine with that, although there are things that come up that are important.  I think that the At-Home Dads convention is important.  It is something that I need to go to.  Especially since I won an entry from Safari LTD and So I have to get there, which this year it is in Denver!

I had a few friends, other SAHDs, tell me I should sell my photography to make the money I need to go.
My own private fundraiser! So it is worth a shot! I also wanted to make sure that the prints would be high quality.  It took me almost a week of researching to find what would work best for me.  I think that Smugmug will provide the highest quality archive prints.

I set this up –

Take a look, if you see something you like buy a version, even if it is a small size!
It will help or please feel free to pass the link on.
I will be adding more as I take them –

a macro of a wet bee

a macro of a wet bee

If there was a specific image you liked of mine that you have seen in the past, let me know and I will put it up there!
If there are any images you see on my Instagram page that you like, let me know!
I do have the option of creating a folder just for you, so I can upload the image and only you will have access to it!

Please note: I do not consider myself a “professional” photographer! I am only putting up images that look clean to me – meaning even if they are printed in a vary large format they will still look very good.  I have been taking a lot of really “cool” pictures.  They look great small, I think if they get printed any larger than 8×11 they won’t look as good.  Maybe that is just me, but I want to make sure that whatever photos I do sell will look good no matter what size they are printed!

Thanks, I hope you enjoy the photos and I appreciate it!