Screen time!

My wife and I go back and forth constantly about how much screen time we are allowing they boys to have.

Our kids have so many options of entertainment these days – TV, tablets even phones!  A Nintendo 3DS, yes that is included these days. I am all for kids having screen time. If it’s educational even better! I even do want my kids to play games that may not be seen as “educational”. That’s part of balancing it all. I can’t be hypocritical and not allow them the pure pleasure of getting lost in a video game.

When I was a kid… oh no I won’t… can’t compare then to now. I remember being outside more than inside. I do remember having more toys than I needed, as my boys do now. I also remember spending countless hours sitting in front of the TV playing video games like Super Mario Brothers. The Princess needed me! Really! She DID!

We recently got a Nintendo 3DS. The first game we got was Super Mario Maker – AWESOME! Yes I kept it from my kids so I could get my game on first with out being disrupted! SHE NEEDS ME! Once I got my boys up to date, I have no problem sharing this with them. This is a nostalgic experience for me, and my boys have no idea how much this makes me feel like a kid again.

A short time later we got Mario Sports Superstars – this is an awesome set of games! As a kid I never got into the soccer video games, but I am getting into it now! These games have improved so much since I was a kid. I really am enjoying them more than I should!

Seriously, you and your kids will have some fun playing. For me it’s all about balance with technology today. How much screen time and such, but I feel that it is important for them to be able to play and enjoy the same game play frustration I had to endure thirty some odd years ago!

If you don’t have a Nintendo 3DS, go get one if you can – if you have one, go get some Super Mario Maker or Mario Sports Superstars and revisit being a kid!

I received these products for the purpose of review, my words, thoughts. They are no under the ownership of my boys. No you can not have ours but you can get your own! they really are reasonably priced for the hours of entertainment you get!