Sonic Boom Tails’ Plane toy review

A review of Sonic BOOM part of TOMY’s new 2015 toy line

There are a lot – I mean A LOT of cheap toys out there! We having been calling them “landfill” toys, because you play with them once and then they end up in the trash.
TOMY Company, Ltd. is a Japanese toy, children’s merchandise and entertainment company that has a wide variety of toys and a few brands such as Pokémon. They know how to build quality toys.

TOMY is really good at bringing their characters to life. Such as, Sonic Boom Tails’ Plane that is from their Sonic the Hedgehog’s new 2015 toy line, based on the popular Sonic Boom video games and TV series. The toys reinforce key Sonic themes including speed, skill and action, along with coolness, humor and heroism.

Pretty cool, huh? I received a sample, along with a Sonic figure (Sonic is sold separately), to do a review of the toy.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 6.49.06 PM


What do we think about it?

“So coooool!” my oldest yells in such a high shriek that dogs blocks away could hear him.
As you can see my youngest didn’t even allow me to finish taking pictures before he wanted to get his hands on it, I can’t blame him!

This is a solid toy, totally breakable – which is what it is supposed to do! The wings can come off and are easily put back on. The rest of the plane has a nice weight and feel to it, not some “light cheap” toy.
The propeller is trigger-activated which works really well when flying the plane around. The propellers are the thinnest plastic on the plane – not a bad thing but would probably be the first thing to break. Our’s has lasted almost a week of solid play so it is not a big worry.
The blue flashing headlights are a hit with my boys (especially at bed time! lol).
They also have the Dual projectile launchers, what kid doesn’t like having projectiles that they can shot! Trust me my boys love it!
It is so cool to hear the Pitch-changing engine sounds they change as the plane is being flown around! The ejector seat, they say is for Tail but actually it is for the back seat passenger – which in our case is Sonic!
It is a great concept and we like it, but that is the only part of the toy that doesn’t work as well as you would hope. Sonic, first of all isn’t really made to fit the backseat (and why would he be – he is the hero right?!). Even though Sonic will fall out if the plane makes sharp turns, it is still really cool when it is time for Sonic to make an exit from the plane and gets shot out from the back seat!


The picture above shows my boys with plane – don’t be fooled! I told them I needed a picture with them in it and they both sat (briefly) so I could get this shot – then it was back to fighting over who got to fly the plane!
Overall, I would recommend this toy for kids – if they are Sonic fans or not!


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This is a sponsored post, I received Tail’s Plane and Sonic in exchange for doing this review. This is an honest review – if I didn’t like I would have let you know it! Keep on playing!