STEM Simple Machines Activities

I think growing an imagination is just as important as anything else we learn in life.

So when I was asked if we wanted to review s few new sets that Learning Resources came made available this year, how could I say no? Why? I know that is what Learning Resources do create toys & games that promoting hand-eye coordination while learning in a fun way such as these

Learning Essentials activity sets

Learning Resources®

Learning Resources is a leading manufacturer of innovative, hands-on educational materials for classrooms worldwide and learning toys. They are all about unleashing kids imaginations while helping children learn problem solving with practice real-life skills. These types of activities help kids grow up to be more creative thinkers.
Learning Resources mission is to provide high-quality and innovative products that provide fun and engaging learning opportunities for children as they explore, discover their world and develop their creative side. Their award-winning educational toys, learning toys, discovery toys, and teaching tools are designed by educators and have been beloved by teachers, parents and children for over 30 years.


Learning Essentials magnet set

Learning Essentials™ STEM Magnets Activity Set

What kid doesn’t love the wonders of magnets! My boys spent hours playing with this set. STEM has experiment card that come with this set that helps to add the educational aspect while providing fun with colorful tools. These are playful magnets that come in a variety of shapes to engage children as they explore magnetism, polarity, and magnetic attraction & repulsion. My boys turned it into a magic show, and were eager to show everyone their new magnet tricks!
This set includes 2 bar magnets, 2 magnetic bugs, 4 ring magnets, horseshoe magnet, magnetic post, 2 snap-on cars, tray with maze, string, and 10 double-sided Activity Cards.


Learning Essentials simple set

STEM Simple Machines Activity Set

Keep it simple with real STEM learning! In this set you will discover amazing engineering wonders through scientific exploration. This also comes with experiment cards to help engage kids with colorful,  tools and hands-on activities. You will explore all 6 simple machines as you make amazing discoveries, design solutions for real-world problems, and conduct your own investigations. We like how this makes you look at the way you looks at things differently and change the way you think in a fun in way.
This set includes a lever board, wedge, pulley with rope and hook, cart with 4 removable wheels, Archimedes screw, 4 barrel weights, and 10 double-sided Activity Cards to build early engineering and problem solving skills. Comprehensive Activity Guide with reproducible materials is also included.

This is a great way to give the kids in your life more than a toy. Learning Resources toys are designed to foster the development of key skills for children of all ages. They have an extensive selection of learning toys & games that are great for promoting hand-eye coordination, early numeracy skills, letter recognition, critical thinking and imaginative play.

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I was compensated with the product for this review.  All opinions mentioned are 100% my own and my boys! #ad