Summer Time – Part two: Summer Fashion

I am not normally one to talk about “fashion” of any kind…

Honestly, fashion is one of the last things I think about. Normally, I would put on whatever was readily available, match or not and hopefully on the clean side.

I have a huge problem now – kind of. I only want the nice comfortable clothes, I am borderline turning into a clothes snob!

Lee Jeans and I have been close for a few years now. I meet them at Dad 2.0,  where they were giving everyone a pair of their jeans. This was really the first time I had any experience with their products. I absolutely love their jeans, I now only have Lee jeans!

My knowledge of their clothes really hadn’t gone any further than that.. That’s not what this post is about though. They heard I was doing a little summer series and asked if I would be interested in checking out some of their other clothes. Other clothes? Um, sure! I have been so busy doing my thing I never really paid attention to the other clothes they have.

Such as the 3/4 Sleeve Henley – The classic button-neck top with three-quarter-length sleeves takes on a combination of colors for a baseball-jersey-like look. Sporty-casual, it goes great with all my jeans! I seriously love this shirt and probably will be getting one in every color!


Again, that is not really what I want to focus on here.

Being a dad, I carry around a lot of stuff – I mean A LOT. It has actually turned into a problem, since I don’t have to carry around a diaper bag any more, it is imperative that I have pockets. The more pockets the better! There can not be too many pockets. I almost got a man purse (which may or may not still be needed).

Living in Los Angeles, I actually don’t find myself wearing jeans too much. Occasionally at night but that’s just not on a regular basis. I wear shorts everyday all day, all year long. I live here mainly because of the weather – so I am not complaining!

I never really knew what I was missing. I wore cargo pants with a lot of pockets and just assumed that all cargo pants would be the same. I couldn’t be more wrong! I have other cargo pants that are heavier cotton and not as comfortable as I thought they were, or the pockets are tight and still hard to get things in and out of the pockets.

But I now have two pairs of the Dungarees Performance Cargo Short – They are seriously the most awesome pair of shorts I have ever owned!

These are made for dads! From the moisture wicking, no-iron fabric easy to clean (even peanut butter smeared on from little fingers), just super easy to take care of! They also have a hidden media pocket which is awesome to put my glasses, otherwise I have these little boys that will dig through my pockets and find them like this –

Lee has truly thought of everything for the Performance Cargo Shorts.

These Performance Cargo Short are designed to do just that — perform. As a dad, I am constantly on the move, I don’t want to be fumbling through pockets for my devices, or stuffing so much into one pocket that I can barely move that leg, let along take things in and out quickly.

These shorts are a perfectly relaxed fit, just below my waist and not too long. The zip-fly and snap closure is perfect to do one handed, because I need it to be easy and fast to so I can continue chasing my boys! The flap on the pockets give me confidence that my stuff will remain in the pockets, even if I am rolling around in the grass.

IMG_3404 IMG_3402

They have an awesome variety of colors and styles. The red plaid is great for adding color while the gray is great for more of a casual event or if you need shorts for more of a formal event these totally work! I highly recommend these shorts for the dads on the go. I have already worn mine everywhere from the day to day errands to trips to the zoo!

Bonus: For my boys I have clothes such as the Dungarees Boardwalk Short – AWESOME! They love to dress up like me – so it’s a win-win!

In accordance with FTC regulations, I will disclose that I was compensated  with product in exchange for this review.  However, what I mentioned above about loving these clothes is my honest opinion.  After all, we all need clothes, and the more comfortable and convenient they are – the happier we all will be! Enjoy your summer!