My son had a “Hyper-Manic” day yesterday. It’s upgrade time!

It’s hard to be rational sometimes when you are in the thick of it. His behavior just wasn’t making any sense. I could see his light was on but why was no one was home?

He was making eye contact, but it seemed nothing I was saying was registering.

Who was this child? He was bouncing off so many walls that I could tell he didn’t have any idea what he was doing half the time. Looking back over the day it hit me. I can’t expect him to be perfect. No one is, not 100% of the time. But what was the problem?

Did you know that software companies give a 99% guaranteed up time – which means they have 3.65 days a year that they can be down for upgrades and such.

I think kids should come with that guarantee. I think yesterday was one of those “upgrade days”, where his brain knew that it was going to be growing at such a rapid rate, it literally cut off certain parts of the brain to save him from extreme pain or adjustments his body was going through.


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Next time we run into one of these “Hyper-Manic” days I will now have fun wondering what part is getting the upgrade. Sleep isn’t the only time their bodied grow and sometimes everyone needs an “upgrade” day!

You just have to laugh about it all sometimes!