Walking on a cloud

I have always had high endurance for walking. I was a bartender for years, that is a lot of just being on your feet for many hours at a time!

As a father, I am even more on the go. I have had many times where my back is just sore and feels like it is going to give out on me.  There are many things effect our backs, and I think we often overlook simple things we can do to help prevent that from happening. As I am getting older, it is even more important to me to keep my back healthy and in good working condition!

My custom insoles

I was introduced to custom in soles. Uh? that was my first response! Unless you have extremely bad posture, you probably haven’t thought about how the way you walk effects your posture and the way you move in general. The bottom of your feet are as unique as you are, so why not make sure you are getting the full support from them. It also is important to keep them from going flat and creating additional problems.

I am fortunate enough to have a set of these custom insoles (mycustominsoles).

I have had them now for a few months and the difference has been amazing! I have the hard plastic ones, they come in other styles too, depending on your needs. My walk was terrible so I need the hard plastic to provide the support I need! These easily transfer from shoe to shoe, so they are always in my shoes!

Are you a runner? or an athlete? You need these and probably don’t even know it! They are so important for you and the health of your feet. Once your arches start giving you problems it’s harder to fix – save yourself the pain and give these a try. You will thank me!

I haven’t even gotten into the tech they use!

“Our company, My Custom Insoles is founded on the principles of combining the use of technology to get intelligent analysis of your stride and the skillful background of savvy orthotist to build the right custom made arch support insole.”

The New Process of Building Custom Insoles

The Custom Insoles Technology is the combination of best-in-class sensing and biomechanical analysis, couple with best-in-class correction through arch support insoles provides a complete solution to our users, and is really the next generation in orthotic foot care.

Smart insoles measure which part of your foot impacted the ground, with what amount of force and for how long. We can review 5 categories in your walking, jogging or running form: Stance, movement, balance, uniformity and consistency.

Using this information along with your foot impression on the Foam Impression System we can build the right custom-made insole for you!

I have gone all day at Legoland, I have spent hours walking, and generally on my feet running around! I can tell you that anytime I have shoes on, I have my custom insoles in! I am sure you can go to a store and find some insoles that you can use, but I highly suggest getting personalized in soles. They will form fit for you and only you, and will provide you support like no other store bought brand.

If you have experienced back pain on a regular basis, have you tried other things that just haven’t solved the problem?¬† Try using these for a month or two and see how your back feels then!

My personal tip: Don’t share your shoes, or let your kids share their shoes either!

I received my custom insoles¬† for the purpose of review, my words, thoughts, and these insoles are my own. No you can not have mine because they won’t help your feet – they are customized for me, but you can get your own! They will make your quality of life better!