We got spirits and ghosts!

Well sort of… My oldest son’s favorite holiday is Halloween – yup it even beat Christmas!
My son loves to tell us that he talks with his ghost friends often – it does spook my wife at times, but we had a ghost friend when I was growing up too.

When I first received the box from Hasbro, it had a large Yo-Kai Watch sticker on the top. I knew the box was on the way and so we invited some friends over to helps us explore these new found toys.
“What’s Yo-Kai Watch?” My son asked
We were about to find out!

Our box included  Season One Episode 1-4 of Yo-Kai Watch (the newest coolest cartoon for the hipsters out there that need to know), I did hear the rumor that when this came out in Japan (at the same time as Star Wars was released), it did better than the Star Wars – yes you read that correctly. WOW!
Before we explored the toys in the box, we spent a little time watching this new cartoon series. I sat watching my kids watch the cartoon with wide eye wonder and laughing hysterically at the crazy jokes. My boys flipped out by the end as they screamed at me “I LOVE Yo-Kai Watch!“.

After the excitement of watching the videos, we proceeded to open the box.
“YO-KAI WATCH!!!” the kids exclaimed again!

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I wasn’t sure what Yo-Kai Watch was either before we watched the videos, so what is Yo-Kai Watch?

The story goes, Nate meets Whisper. Whisper is the go-between for the Yo-Kai world (or spirit world).  He gives Nate a Yo-Kai watch which when a Yo-Kai medal is inserted can summon the Yo-Kai from the medal to help him out with everyday troubles.  His watch also allows him to see the Yo-Kai in his world, so the spirits can no longer hide form him (or my son now).

As he meets more Yo-Kai he receives more medals from his Yo-Kai friends so he can call them in the future if he needs their help.

The kids were a little excited (understatement of the year), when we opened the box!  They couldn’t wait to check out the new watches and immediately started to scour the house for Yo-Kai.
The watches themselves are pretty cool… these will not help your kids tell time – which if you follow me you know I like the fact my boys can’t tell time yet, so as the “watches” are good in my book! Your kids will have the time of their lives, running around the house pointing the watches in every corner looking for more Yo-Kai.

We received:  watches (that comes with a medallion), additional packs of medallions, a medallion collection book and some cool posters.


Each disk is coded and when inserted into the watch will play a little jingle specific to the Yo-kai shown on the disk. The room erupted with into shrieks when the kids found their favorite Yo-kai from the show and inserted it into the watch to hear that Yo-kai’s theme song play.


The “Medallion Collection Book” is awesome!  It comes with a foam insert that you can put your medals.  It also has additional pages to build and store your collection of Yo-Kai Medals and came with some cool Yo-Kai stickers.


If you–or your kids if you need to use them as your excuse –want to check out the series, it airs on Disney XD on Mondays. I know my oldest is super excited that he has a new way to communicate with his “spirit” friends!

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