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one stay at home dad & #TheMnMboys


My son had a “Hyper-Manic” day yesterday. It’s upgrade time!

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Welcome to the Jungle… Book in 3D!

I wasn’t excited to go to a 3D movie for a few reasons, such as, I didn’t want to wear the glasses and I didn’t think my boys would wear those glasses for the whole movie.

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STEM Simple Machines Activities

On 10, Apr 2016 | In Parenting, Reviews, SAHD, Sponsored | By trevor

I think growing an imagination is just as important as anything else we learn in life.

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Batman vs Superman


Spoiler Alert: This has absolutely nothing to do with the movie, nor have I even seen it yet.

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We got spirits and ghosts!

On 01, Mar 2016 | In Fatherhood, Instagram, oneSAHD, Parenting, Reviews, SAHD, Sponsored | By trevor

Well sort of… My oldest son’s favorite holiday is Halloween – yup it even beat Christmas!
My son loves to tell us that he talks with his ghost friends often – it does spook my wife at times, but we had a ghost friend when I was growing up too.

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Image Editing: Snapseed – part 1

I just got back from Dad Summit 2.0. For the 3rd time it has blown my mind. I was honored to be a small part of the discussion this year. I was one of the speakers during the breakout sessions discussing image editing. I consider myself a professional amateur at on the fly phone editing.

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What kind of example do we want to be?

I am positive that I am not always the best example, or even a good example to my children some of the time.

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Time is funny, it goes by too fast when we love what we are doing and super slow when things are difficult.

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“…I am your father!”

The other night, Jenn’s was out to dinner with friends, I was running solo. I was also eagerly waiting for a package to be delivered.

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Summer Time – Part three: Salute to toys

On 15, Sep 2015 | In Fatherhood, Parenting, Reviews, SAHD, Sponsored, the M&M boys | By trevor

Well summer is officially over, again it went by way too fast! This is a salute to the toys of summer!

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